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The Heat Manager system provides total multi-zone control from one central location. Heat where you want it, when you want it.

Whether in the home or at work good energy management is essential to reduce costs and to protect the environment. This is why TEC Heating Controls, a long established leader in the heating industry, have introduced the Heat Manager system onto the market. The Heat Manager system works on the concept that you only have heat where you want it, when you want it. In principle you wouldn’t walk into your home and switch on all your lights- nor would you switch on an entire cooker when only one ring is required.

The Heat Manager System allows individual areas to be heated at the touch of a button or at pre-programmed times. The system is operated from one convenient control unit located centrally in the home for example in the kitchen. From the control unit you can see the status of your heating at a glance and switch on or off areas as required. Using state of the art technology it is simple to use and is maintenance free.

Also in the event of a power cut, the PM3 900 Heat Manager has a battery backup to memorise preset times & automatically return to normal mode when the power resumes. Amongst its features it incorporates a hot water only facility with a useful summer time setting allowing hotwater only control in the summer months.

The Heat Manager system can be used with any wet central heating system requiring less plumbing in new installations and no additional plumbing in existing systems. The system uses low voltage sensors making it totally safe in the home. In standard kit form it is ideal for domestic use but can be tailored to suit office blocks, hotels, schools etc. In fact anywhere there is a central heating system. In standard form the Heat Manager system will operate up to 30 radiators plus hot water. Please contact our experienced design team at TEC Heating Controls to discuss individual requirements.














features & benefits

8 Independent Programmable Heating Zones
Heating control where you want it

Dual Key Entry for Programming
Prevents unauthorised tampering

Holiday mode
Allows the user to switch the programmer off for up to 99 days. and still allow any zone to be switched manually and self cancel at midnight if left on

All off at midnight
Maximises Energy Savings

Summertime Setting
Temporary override for warmer months, providing controlled hot water without central heating

3 “on” and 3 “off ” over 24hours
Heating control when you want it

Power Supply to Sensors
Safe 24 volt supply

Complete system compatible with TRV’s and / or room thermostats
Giving user control of your choice. A combination of both TRV’s and/or room stats

Manual Override Facility with Automatic self-cancel feature
Enables temporary change of heating programme to suit requirements. Programmer reverts to automatic sequence at next time setting

Independent Hot Water Control
Maximum flexibility

Boiler Interlock on Hot Water
Maximises Energy Savings

Control over Pump and Boiler
Pump and Boiler are automatically switched on when any zone calls for heat and shuts off automatically when the last zone closes down

Modem compatible*
Allows for remote switching via mobile phone device

*Modem not supplied. Additional extra, call for more information



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Heat Manager



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